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Applying with your Linkedin Profile for job vacancies

We are happy to introduce a new feature which will not only help you to get hired faster but also to minimize your time when applying for jobs. All registered users will have the ability to apply for jobs via their linkedin profile.

How does it work?

It’s pretty easy, all you have to do is to click the “Apply with Linkedin” button found at the bottom of each job listing. Once you log in to your Linkedin account we’ll generate a C.V. which is sent directly to the employer / job lister.

Benefit for Job Seekers:

  • No need to have C.V. in hand
  • Faster and more efficient way to apply
  • Employers can view your friends recommendations
  • Better chance of getting employed

Benefit for Employers:

  • In depth history of user applying for the job
  • Receive much more feedback from job postings
  • Faster Response time from the time you post your job listing
  • Can view job seeker friend’s recommendations
Start making use of this feature, register on today.

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