11 tips for a job interview – part 3

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11 tips for a job interview part 3

by Lauren

8. Show interest and positivity

A typical interview starts with the employer speaking about the company, its work ethic and the prospects for the future. This can help enhance the mood of the interviewer if you manage to show interest and a positive attitude with regards to what you hear. Do not interrupt at any time throughout this introductory part, unless you require clarification on some comments made. Curiosity and interest gives the interviewer a good impression of you but be moderate here too.

9. Dress to match

Your dressing style should match the job and place where the interview will be held. If it is a conservative finance company it is implied that you should not present with a ring in your nose. If it is a small web agency consider whether casual would be better than the dark suit. You should seek to be true to yourself but not at the expense of going to the other end of the spectrum with respect to the position you are applying for or the company you are seeking to get employed with. Do not wear clothes in which you feel overly uncomfortable as it will put you down before going in for the interview and your performance on the day will be affected. Try matching your clothes with what you think you would be wearing every day at work if you were hired by the company.

10. Proper conduct for a candidate

Behave as though it is your most important goal to get the job. Seek to try hard and do not hammer yourself psychologically with feelings that you are not the right candidate. Whatever you may encounter and what impression you may get of other candidates waiting for the interview just shut everything down and focus on your strengths and how you will be marketing yourself to the potential employer. Of course you should neither take anything for granted and feel the company cannot possibly turn you down. Otherwise the shock of not getting hired will have repercussions on subsequent job interviews. Be humble and hold back a little in the initial minutes until you have understood the rules and felt the mood of the interview.

11. Honesty pays

I have left this recommendation for last but it definitely is one of the top tips you can get. Answer honestly and make sure that this honesty is conveyed clearly to the interviewer even in your non-verbals. The non-verbal aspect will come naturally if you are completely sincere in answering questions being posed to you. Remember that even if you make use of false declarations you will ultimately be working alongside the same people who hired you. Your lies will be short-lived and your position will be put in jeopardy.

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