C.V and Cover Letter Service

We have expert writers ready to help you out in creating an eye-catching professionally written c.v. and a cover letter which will increase your chances in securing an interview and possibly a job too.

Let’s get started. Just provide us with the information required below and we will handle the rest.


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Once ready we will send you the following:

  • C.V. in pdf and .doc / .docx file format
  • Cover letter (to the point) in pdf and .doc / .docx file format
  • QR Code with your contact details (if supplied)
  • All c.v’s and cover letters are produced in English
  • Delivery time is around 5 – 15 days depending on the amount in queue
  • Payment need to be processed prior the start of the service

Service Reviews:

” There’s not a lot more to say than “Malta Jobs did a great job”. The Resume and Cover Letter I had written in my mother tongue were already very good, but I had a problem to translate them properly/find the right words. The service offered by Malta Jobs overhauled both documents, improved the phrasing and gave some helpful hints! Communication is great, I can clearly recommend this service!” – Jan Wendker

” Very quick response, beautiful cover letter, very professional advise. Love it.” – Eddy

“fast and efficient ” – Mark