Apply for job vacancies with Linkedin account

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Applying with your Linkedin Profile for job vacancies

We are happy to introduce a new feature which will not only help you to get hired faster but also to minimize your time when applying for jobs. All registered users will have the ability to apply for jobs via their linkedin profile.

How does it work?

It’s pretty easy, all you have to do is to click the “Apply with Linkedin” button found at the bottom of each job listing. Once you log in to your Linkedin account we’ll generate a C.V. which is sent directly to the employer / job lister.

Benefit for Job Seekers:

  • No need to have C.V. in hand
  • Faster and more efficient way to apply
  • Employers can view your friends recommendations
  • Better chance of getting employed

Benefit for Employers:

  • In depth history of user applying for the job
  • Receive much more feedback from job postings
  • Faster Response time from the time you post your job listing
  • Can view job seeker friend’s recommendations
Start making use of this feature, register on today.

Malta Public Holidays 2013

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Malta Public Holidays 2013

List of all public holidays in Malta for the year 2013

Tuesday 1st January New Year’s Day
Sunday 10th February Feast of St. Paul’s Shipwreck
Tuesday 19th March Feast of St. Joseph
Friday 29th March Good Friday
Sunday 31st March  Freedom Day
Wednesday 1st May Worker’s Day
Friday 7th June  Sette Giugno
Saturday 29th June Feast of St. Peter and St. Paul
Thursday 15th August Feast of the Assumption
Sunday 8th September Feast of Our Lady of Victories
Saturday 21st September  Independence Day
Sunday 8th Decemeber Feast of the Immaculate Conception
Friday 13th December Republic Day
Wednesday 25th December Christmas Day

Subscribe for e-mail job alerts

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Up-to-date job vacancies in Malta

You can now also receive new job notifications via e-mail directly in your inbox with our newly added feature “e-Mail Job Alerts”.

Under your control.

We will only send you job vacancies which match your selection unlike other job posting websites which will spam you and fill up your mailbox with jobs who are not within your interest.  You also have the option to change job selections at any time.

How to subscribe?

To activate our e-mail Job Alerts all you need to do is to:

  • Logon to your maltajobs dashboard
  • Click on “Job Alerts
  • Choose what job categories you are interested in
  • Choose Subscribe from the drop down menu
  • Click “Save” at the bottom of the page

As soon as we find one we will drop you an e-mail and notify you about it.

What’s more?

We also included a dedicated rss feed which will update automatically according to your Job Alerts selection. This means that apart from receiving the latest job vacancies via e-mail you can grab them and read them via any rss reader.

Please note the the Job Alert Rss feed is not the same as our main job feed which lists all jobs available on MaltaJobs

Upload your cv online – Malta Jobs

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Upload your cv on Malta Jobs


Boost your chances of getting a new or a better job by uploading your c.v. on MaltaJobs website.

Safe and Secure

Put your mind at rest when uploading on MaltaJobs. Unlike other job listing websites your resume can only be viewed by employers registered on MaltaJobs. We also thought of giving you an option in which you state your current availability, so even tough you are currently employed there’s no reason not to upload your online resume for future use. You never know whom attention it might grab!

Apply for jobs from anywhere

Now you can also apply for jobs by simply attaching the link of your online resume. This means that you can apply for jobs literately from anywhere since you will not be needing your c.v. in hand and go through the upload process every time.

Free of Charge

We don’t charge any fees for resume uploads and unlike other job listing websites which also host c.v. online we give you the option to edit your resume an infinite number of times with no extra hidden charges!

Get Started! Create your free account



11 tips for a job interview – part 3

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11 tips for a job interview part 3

by Lauren

8. Show interest and positivity

A typical interview starts with the employer speaking about the company, its work ethic and the prospects for the future. This can help enhance the mood of the interviewer if you manage to show interest and a positive attitude with regards to what you hear. Do not interrupt at any time throughout this introductory part, unless you require clarification on some comments made. Curiosity and interest gives the interviewer a good impression of you but be moderate here too.

9. Dress to match

Your dressing style should match the job and place where the interview will be held. If it is a conservative finance company it is implied that you should not present with a ring in your nose. If it is a small web agency consider whether casual would be better than the dark suit. You should seek to be true to yourself but not at the expense of going to the other end of the spectrum with respect to the position you are applying for or the company you are seeking to get employed with. Do not wear clothes in which you feel overly uncomfortable as it will put you down before going in for the interview and your performance on the day will be affected. Try matching your clothes with what you think you would be wearing every day at work if you were hired by the company.

10. Proper conduct for a candidate

Behave as though it is your most important goal to get the job. Seek to try hard and do not hammer yourself psychologically with feelings that you are not the right candidate. Whatever you may encounter and what impression you may get of other candidates waiting for the interview just shut everything down and focus on your strengths and how you will be marketing yourself to the potential employer. Of course you should neither take anything for granted and feel the company cannot possibly turn you down. Otherwise the shock of not getting hired will have repercussions on subsequent job interviews. Be humble and hold back a little in the initial minutes until you have understood the rules and felt the mood of the interview.

11. Honesty pays

I have left this recommendation for last but it definitely is one of the top tips you can get. Answer honestly and make sure that this honesty is conveyed clearly to the interviewer even in your non-verbals. The non-verbal aspect will come naturally if you are completely sincere in answering questions being posed to you. Remember that even if you make use of false declarations you will ultimately be working alongside the same people who hired you. Your lies will be short-lived and your position will be put in jeopardy.

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11 tips for a job interview – part 2

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Tips for a job interview Part 2 of 3

It’s important to use the right tonality while speaking and promoting yourself in a job interview.  Talk, but be moderate

by Lauren

5. Tonality

With respect to speech and tone it is a good idea to stand level on neutral ground for the first few minutes until you have read the situation and the person conducting the interview. The tone of the interview may be a more formal one or else there may be attempts from the interviewers to render it more comfortable in order to allow you to be at ease and express your concerns and prospects in a more relaxed environment. Go along with what you feel the interview atmosphere is. You need to be more extroverted or else curb your enthusiasm for jokes and spontaneous comments.

6. Promote yourself

When you’re sitting at the interview, it is largely up to you to place emphasis on your qualifications and sponsor yourself. You must not take it for granted that the interviewer has read your profile from start to finish. Remember that you will not be the only prospective candidate called to fill in the position. The interviewer may not be fully aware of what particular training you have undergone or even what sort of qualifications you have for there are many curricula and graduate degrees. Do speak also about other extracurricular activities and hobbies which may not be directly related to the job you are applying for but which can still in some manner interlink with the position you are applying for. They may have conveyed to you qualities which could well have developed you into a better person, now more mature for dealing with tasks expected of you for the potential job.

7. Talk, but be moderate

A good way of showing enthusiasm is to speak. Of course you should not talk too much as this wrecks up the interviewer’s structure for the interview. The interviewer would have prepared some questions in order to get a better insight into the candidates. Frustration will be the emotion you would convey if the interview plan is deviated from too much and you take centre stage with constant blabbering. You must not speak too little either as this makes you appear disinterested. It is not a bad thing to sticking to answering the interviewer’s questions.

This helps keep to the interview plan. However, you should not give quick and short answers. In this case short is not that sweet. Take some initiative in answering questions, draw parallels from your own experience and link them to the conversation topic. Do not be afraid in slipping in some questions otherwise you will may not be given time to do so when the interviewer has exhausted his planned interview questions.

The point to take home from this aspect of the interview is that the interviewer is interested in getting to know you as a person. The company already has its hands on your qualifications and job experience. All of that can be accessed by opening a file. The whole point of the interview is to try and get insight into your character and evaluate whether it would be compatible with the position currently vacant. Therefore, talk but keep your talking in check.

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Top 11 job interview tips to work in Malta Europe part 1

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11 tips for a job interview

by Lauren

Part 1 of 3

1. Gain insight into the company

If you want to produce a solid performance at the interview start by doing your homework and make sure to familiarize yourself with the company you are going to be interviewed by. This will not only give you the edge over other prospective candidates as it shows interest in becoming part of the team but it also allows you to gain insight and discover whether it is the right job for you.

2. Prepare questions

Before the interview is a good idea to prepare a few questions you can ask during the interview. You can, among other things, ask about professional development, such as asking whether there will be induction courses to attend or whether you will get assigned a mentor to guide you on what you will need to do on the job. Otherwise you can ask about lighter things such as how lunch program works, or whether there are some social events you need to know about. Remember that it is always a good idea to take along with you a copy of your application, CV, certificates and qualifications, any recommendations and the actual job advertisement, and most of all take a good look at them once again the day before going in for the interview. You do not want to be asked questions related to what you wrote and get thrown off on those.

3. Anticipate anxiety

It is very natural to be nervous before a job interview, but the stress can be attenuated. Your anxiety is not a factor which should a priori disqualify you from getting the position, and most of all it is you who should not think that. A common trick employed by many is actually revealing your state of mind to the interviewer before the session starts because it often calms you down. In addition, I recommend that you practice the interview situation at home. You might prepare answers to common interview questions and simulate the scenario from days before sitting for the interview. Alternatively, you can try out some question – answer role plays with friends or family members. In this case you may get direct feedback on what appear to be your strengths and weaknesses.

4. Avoid contact blunders

This is one reason why you should role play your interview if you think you will be overly anxious. First impressions count and it is important to avoid the classic blunders which provide for a dull first impression. Therefore practice the avoidance of such actions and mannerisms as fiddling with your hair or wringing hands, crossing your arms or adopting a fearful and depressed look which definitely inspires no confidence. Smile more often and be strong and confident in what you say and how you state it. Some may also advocate a strong and solid handshake but this is very subjective and may at times work against you so be neutral here. I personally think it stupid to try and gain points by entering an improvised strongest-handshake contest with a prospective employer. It is very helpful to ask your friends if you have any annoying habits or some particular mannerism that may come across negatively in an interview. If you have the possibility do watch yourself on video and notice any habits you would prefer to avoid.