Sun Wukong walked over and said, “What happened to you, brother?” “Oh, ha!” The ghost jumped up again. “I’m scared, I’m scared!” “You are a ghost. Are ghosts afraid?” “Ghosts are empty, ghosts are afraid of all real things, even if it is a beam of light, let alone you.” Qi Tian.. “I’m not Qitian. I’m Sun Wukong. I’m looking for a man. No, a ghost.” “You..” The thing flashed a look of surprise. “Yes, you’ve forgotten.” It’s okay. It’s okay. “What?” The ghost took Sun Wukong to the depths of the underworld on a dark road of tens of thousands of miles. But there is no road ahead, is a boundless cliff, outside the cliff, is the endless void. He took Sun Wukong to the edge of the cliff and said, “There is nothing Ksitigarbha doesn’t know about life and death. You can ask him.” Where is he? I can’t see anything. “Do you know where this is?” “It seems to be the end of the earth.” “Yes, there is no more land ahead. When mortals come here, they can no longer go beyond one step. They can only fall into the bottomless void. This is called the empty mountain.” “Interesting.” “If you want to see Ksitigarbha,heavy duty rack manufacturers, go from now on.” “Where to?” “Of course, you jump down. Whether you can do it or not depends on your practice.” “Go!”! Are you kidding me, Sun? Even if there is a bottom, after a hundred and eighty years, he will die on the road. I’ll try to throw a stone first. Hell, there’s no dirt here. “It depends on the length of your practice. If you are enlightened,medium duty racking, you can go straight to the other side. Then falling is soaring, and darkness is infinite light.” “Oh-!”! And so mysterious. You try first! Sun Wukong suddenly turned behind the ghost and kicked it! “Ah!”! Save-life-where ~ “The ghost went straight down.”. Sun Wukong bent over the edge of the cliff and said, “Did you fly up?”? Do you see the light? “Dead monkey-you-give-I-remember-live ~ The voice trailed off. Hum! Cheat me, Lao Sun, to jump off the cliff. Do I look like a sucker? Sun Wukong turned around and found himself alone in the boundless darkness. Is there no direction here? “Who said no?” A voice in the darkness said. Who? Please don’t always say something out of the blue. “There are only two directions here, up and down.” “Can it be said that if you want to find Ksitigarbha, you can only jump down?” Sun Wukong looked around and couldn’t see anything. It’s not entirely true. If you don’t realize it, thousands of miles will be in vain. If you realize it, Lingshan will be at your feet. “Oh, it’s so profound-saying it is equal to not saying it, and it’s not the same as farting!” “You have the heart to solve, the heart is not sincere, industrial racking systems ,industrial racking systems, how can I enlighten you?” “Enlighten me?”? Where the hell are you! Come out “Am I not right in front of you?” “Where?”? A black bull in the dark? How do I look at it? At least shine a front tooth to see first? Sun Wukong suddenly felt bright in front of his eyes. Two large patches of white suddenly appeared in the darkness behind the cliff, both with a radius of dozens of miles. There was black in the white, and there was a shadow in the black. When he looked at the shadow, it was Sun Wukong himself. Sun Wukong looked at it for a long time and said, “Oh, I have nothing but two eyes!” Do you know who I am? “Hey, hey..” I don’t know. Where’s your face? Why are you staring at me with those two big eyes? Is it great? Big and godless, dead fish eyes. “Oh, Bah! How do you know that my divine creation can fill heaven and earth?”.
Ha ha ha, I am. I won’t listen! What’s it to me which bird you are? I.. I said, I am. “Don’t listen, don’t listen, don’t listen.” “Hum, hum, I’m so angry!”! You monkey. “Are you angry?”? With your virtue, you still enlighten me? “Shut up, I am the king of the nether world!” “……” “Humph!”! Why don’t you say anything? You want to find the master. I have the heart to give you advice, but I dare to speak rudely! “……” “To tell you the truth, your master’s soul didn’t come here at all. There are only two possibilities. One is that he has attained the Tao and ascended to heaven. The other is that he cares too much and still lingers in the world, becoming a ghost.” Without saying a word, Sun Wukong turned around and walked away. Where are you going? “It’s not here. I’ll look elsewhere.” “Just like that?” “Thanks!” Sun Wu said without reply. What did you say? Can you say that again? Thank you, thank you! How many times do I have to say it? Did you hear that? He said thank you! Sun Wukong said thank you! Sun Wukong said thank you to me! Ahahahahaha.. It’s so ***ing cool! “Ha ha.” Suddenly there were countless laughter in the darkness. Sun Wukong found that there were tens of millions of ghosts in the darkness around him. He was actually surrounded by the core, but he thought there was nothing around him. Ha ha ha, is this Sun Wukong? “Is he tight now?” “Look at him! Look at him! What are you looking at?” “Ha ha ha ha” “Ha ha ha ha.” Sun Wukong suddenly felt that something was wrong, because of such a situation, he was very calm. In fact, he wanted to be angry, but he felt that his heart was empty and nothing could come up. So he had to walk slowly with wild laughter. Why are they all laughing? “What should I do now?” As he thought, he disappeared into the darkness in the distance. The king of the nether world breathed a sigh of relief. “My God, he’s finally gone. War is over.” Suddenly, countless ghost pawns appeared in every corner of the underworld, like huge ant colonies coming out of the cave, holding weapons in their hands. “Hey hey hey, Your Majesty, you are so brave that you frighten the Great Sage Equaling Heaven!” I don’t know when the ghost who was pushed off the cliff by Sun Wukong came out. Judge, in fact, I was also very afraid at that time,pallet rack shelving, in case he had a hair, I did not know where to hide. The King of the Hades changed and showed his original human form, which was a very fat guy. It seems that Avalokitesvara’s idea really worked. 。

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