Lang Hua was stupefied for a moment and reacted: “You say!” Lang Yixing cleared his throat again because he was nervous. “Uncle, you see I’m so old. It’s time to get married.” As soon as Lang Hua heard the voice, he was ecstatic. He nodded his head. Just as he was about to blurt out the words that had been brewing for a long time, he heard Lang Yi say, “To tell you the truth, my fourth uncle said that I had taken up with the elder sister of the Lu family. I promised her that I would come to propose marriage in the past few days.” Lang Yixing finished in one breath, feeling much more relaxed. Langhua couldn’t believe his ears here. “Who?” “Lu Jia, Lu Jingwen!” Despite listening to the truth, Lang Hua could not quite believe his ears. Lu Jingwen he has seen, the last time this boy was framed by the dragon family, but also thanks to other girls. The girl was beautiful and dignified, and although she was adopted by the deer family, she was no different from her own. Lang Hua could not find a reason to dislike other girls, but there was no reason to dislike them. With a tut, he looked at the silly boy scratching his head and laughing, thinking to himself, fortunately his words were not exported, otherwise what kind of situation did he put his family’s Nan yuan in! “What do you think, fourth uncle?” Lang Yixing asked with a little shyness, a handsome face, I do not know if he remembered the charm of that day, blushing with shame. Lang Hua looked at his infatuation and said angrily,ceramic bobbin heater core, “Yes, how can people like you?” In fact, the heart is thinking: no matter how good, but also good Nan yuan! Lang Yixing cried discontentedly, “Uncle, I’m not as good as I used to be. I..” He “I” can’t go down. In fact, Lang Yixing’s understanding of himself is still very clear, if not with Shen Nanyuan in the first good work,cordierite c520, he is still a dandy who can only eat, drink and play. But Lu Jingwen was different. She graduated from a women’s college and went to work in a newspaper. The working ability is very strong, the disposition is also very strong. Anyway, what she likes is definitely not his style. The question asked by Lang Hua is actually the question that has been in Lang Yi’s mind for many days. He couldn’t figure it out, so he shook his head and said, “Fourth uncle, anyway, I won’t marry her.” Lang Hua had lost his previous enthusiasm for him. He waved his hand and said, “I’ll discuss this with your uncle and grandmother when I get back.” “Uncle, you must be on my side.” The bright eyes of Langyi Xing twinkled with little stars of expectation. Lang Hua waved his hand again: “OK, I know, you go back first.” Lang Yixing took the motorcycle helmet and went to the door. Then he suddenly remembered, “Oh, Uncle, what are you looking for me for?” Lang Hua is packing up the teacup, 3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate ,Kamado bbq grill, paused, “Oh, I thought about it, it’s not a big deal!”! Your business is still important. He watched Lang Yixing’s back away, then a bitter tunnel: “Hum, no vision of the smelly boy!” ” Scold to scold, but Lang Hua is thinking of these children, to let every child can live a happy life, do not have the tragedy of their generation. So, he also gave up at Langywei. Turn to face up to Du Yulin. Not to mention Longcheng, even in Tianjing City, there are many rumors about Du Yulin. There are different praises and criticisms. To sum up, this man’s ability and skill are very strong. For example, he has only been here for a few days and has been appreciated by Chairman Sun. This is not praise and killing. Chairman Sun has always cherished his talent, and even praised him more than once in public that “Wu can command the armed forces, and Wen can win the exam.”. And he has a cool head, and he really has the talent of a general. But seriously speaking, Lang Hua’s impression of Du Yulin is not bad, but very bad. Still remember the first time we met, Du Yulin looked at Shen Nanyuan’s eyes, like a hungry leopard staring at his prey. Although Lang Hua himself has not experienced the love between men and women, in his eyes, the normal love between men and women should be mutual respect and love. Lang Hua is upset to death. Reason told him that perhaps he would try to change his mind about Du Yulin, but emotionally speaking, he could not convince himself. This is probably the father-in-law looking at the son-in-law, there is nothing to like. Coincidentally, Du Yulin is also very upset here. With two Italian wristwatches in his hands, he sat on the sofa with his feet up, struggling with which one to give. Uh Future uncle.
After choosing for a long time, Du Yulin chose to call first and make an appointment with Langhua. Hey, uncle! As soon as the phone was connected, Du Yulin was very attentive and authentic. Lang Hua’s eyelids jumped, this uncle, he is not the first time to hear, can be the same as the last time, still let him feel jumpy. Du Shaoshuai, I don’t deserve it! Du Yulin smiled and turned back. “Mr. Lang, according to the advice you gave me last time, why don’t we make an appointment to talk about marriage? What do you think?” Lang Hua didn’t expect that this man would pursue him fiercely. He couldn’t find a better reason to prevaricate for a while. He blurted out, “Is Du Shaoshuai so sure that Nan yuan will be willing to marry you?”? To tell you the truth, I can’t be the master of Nan yuan, but she has already explained to me that she won’t stay in Tianjing for a long time. Does the young marshal think she will follow you back to Longcheng? A word awakens the dreamer. Du Yulin suddenly understood that no wonder his son was not happy all the time at dinner yesterday. At first he thought it was because of Langhua, but because of her temper, as Langhua himself said, no one could be her master. That little thing must be worried about how to throw him away and run to Jingao. The late Du Yulin was so angry that his teeth were itching. He wished he could catch the little thing back now and ask her how she could be so heartless. That’s when the uninvited guests come. Du Yulin had only seen Du Yuhang at the door of the Western restaurant since the last time he left Nanshan Meilu. Although I know his movements like the palm of my hand, I have never thought of meeting him. Du Yulin did not know why he had come to the door today. He covered the watch in front of him and said in a deep voice, “Please!” On the other side, Shen Nanyuan didn’t go to Shoushan today. She did it on purpose. She wanted to see if she could still play without her. After all,steatite c221, even if she will not go for a while, but one day, or will go. global-ceramics.com

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