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Poll: Do you invest in learning new skills?

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Learning new skills.

With such a fast paced world, depending on the nature and industry of your work most of the time you need to keep yourself updated with what’s new to ensure you stay on top of your job and up to expectations. But let’s be honest, it’s not an easy job at all to fit in more time in your lifestyle to learn such new skills. So how important is it for you to keep up to date with new skills in the industry you work in?

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How to properly prepare for a job interview

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How to properly prepare for a job interview


Getting nervous about your upcoming job interview? Are you fearful of getting tongue-tied while being interviewed? Here are some tips that can help you prepare  yourself before setting off to the interview.

First things require getting to know about the company that you are interviewing for. Know about the company’s services, products, policies, ventures and so on. This information will facilitate conversation during the interview. Knowing about the company also reflects your interest in it. Stand out by proposing appealing ideas and/or suggestions for the company. You might also want to prepare interesting questions to ask during that final awkward moment when the interviewer asks you  whether you have any questions. This continues to demonstrate your interest in the job.

Read through your CV highlighting key responsibilities and skills utilised in previous jobs which are related to the one that you are interviewing for. It might be useful to note these down for easy referral prior and during the interview. Try to come up with creative ways of letting your interviewer know about them.

Your bathroom mirror can turn out to be your best friend. You might want to rehearse your speech and language expressions prior to the interview. What does your body language convey? Interest or boredom? Self-confidence or anxiety? Since employers read much into nonverbal cues, the mirror enables you to acquire insight on what you are transmitting through your body language and facial expressions. Use it to your advantage by eliminating off-putting body gestures and replacing them with the signals that reveal the poised person that you are.

First impressions are key. Your love for dogs and salsa cannot be deciphered through your clothes during the interview. A positive self-image starts with dressing smart. Don’t forget that your choice of outfit says a lot about you. Be sure to let your interviewer know that you take your future job very seriously by what your wear for the interview. Feel good about yourself in dressing comfortably and appropriately. Your choice of clothes can also serve as a confidence booster for the interview.

Now that you’re all set, remember that a smile is priceless and a hand shake goes a long way.